30 years of expertise

Rauch Communication Consultants has worked successfully for decades statewide with the leading associations for local governments and with local agencies across the state.

Martin Rauch


Martin Rauch, Senior Consultant is President of RCC, in charge of all our outreach and strategic planning activities. With 20 years’ experience working with dozens of public agencies.

Martin facilitates focus groups, citizens advisory committees, and other problem solving and consensus building meetings. He also strategizes and implements direct outreach through one-on-one meetings, public talks, community presentations and public meetings. A growing specialty is conducting strategic planning sessions for the Boards and senior managers of client agencies.

Mr. Rauch has served as a speaker and seminar leader for the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA), and the California Special Districts Association. He is a regular faculty member of the Special District Institute, and has been invited as a speaker to many other statewide associations.

Robert Rauch


Robert Rauch, Senior Consultant with decades of experience working with local governments, supports all RCC activities by developing outreach strategies, and messages, and strategic planning.

Lynda Boyd


Production Manager and Bookkeeper. In addition to handling the day to day company finances, Lynda coordinates the details of all print and mail production. Lynda has extensive experience working with printers and mailers throughout the state to provide on time delivery to the client, along with the best and most cost effective print and mail options.

Jennifer Kramer


Administrative Assistant. Jennifer is the cheerful person who will greet you when you call our office. In addition to her duties as receptionist, Jennifer provides administrative, clerical and project based support.


Alice Dow


Alice Dow, Consultant, a former congressional aid and longtime community leader, Alice is especially adept at grass-roots outreach and reaching out to local community leaders, activists and stakeholders.

Taylor McDaniel


Taylor McDaniel Consultant, Taylor McDaniel brings to the team more than 10 years experience providing a wide range of comprehensive communication and outreach programs for governmental agencies. Political campaigns, land use and non-profits. Taylor’s extensive experience managing and supporting public outreach programs has led to many successful public awareness campaigns, Project approvals for clients, and winning results for Candidates and initiatives.

Laurie Cabral


Laurie has over 20 years experience as a creative graphic designer. Her expertise includes identity, branding, design and production of traditional printed media, including: logos, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, packaging, presentation materials, and displays. Designing with usability and functionality in mind, her media capabilities include: website and interface design, presentations and computer-based training.

Laurie’s formal education was at UCLA, with coursework in computer graphics. She has worked for a wide array of clients including the L.A. Times, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Company, The Disney Channel, Buena Vista Pictures, Xerox, Kinko’s, Hughes Electronics, TRW, Epson, Amgen, Answer Financial, Sam’s Club, Union Bank of California, Sears, Microsoft and others.

Jay and Mike Zeballos


Jay and Mike Zeballos, Webmasters, Our webmasters have many years of experience with all aspects of web design and development, with a special expertise in meeting the needs of public agencies. Jay and Mike are not only technically expert but they have a flair for developing sites that load fast, look great and communicate effectively.

Christopher Crimi


Christopher Crimi, Graphic Design, Christopher has over a decade of experience producing graphic materials from simple reports, to full-color brochures, web graphics, newsletters, and slide presentations. He has worked with RCC on dozens of public outreach projects over nearly a decade, bringing a high degree of graphic sophistication to every piece he works on.