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Our portfolio is under construction. Please see the summary of our services below:

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Rauch Communication Consultants specialize in working with public agencies and local governments. We meet with governing boards, managers, senior staff and consultants to understand the needs of each agency, and then assist them in the development of disciplined plans and action programs in the following areas:

Public Outreach — We are a full-service public outreach firm that with decades of experience building community support through focused and effective outreach programs. Click for more.

The list below gives an idea of the breadth of our services and experience:


  • Building Press Relations
  • Developing Web & Social Media


  • Designing and Writing Compelling Newsletters
  • Creating Beautiful Brochures
  • Preparing Informative Fact Sheets


  • Construction Outreach
  • Crisis Management
  • Assisting with Consolidations


  • Gaining Understanding and Support for Rates, Taxes & Finance
  • Organizing and Promoting Special Events
  • Building Support for Recycled Water and Desalination
  • Promoting Conservation and Water Efficiency
  • Building and Supporting Coalitions
  • Traffic Control programs

Facilitating and Mediation — We help resolve difficult management problems through facilitation and counseling. Click for more.

  • Facilitation and mediation to obtain agreement among differing interests through negotiated solutions
  • Improving relationships between governing board members, between board and manager, and between manager and employees
  • Assisting with Development of Policy Manuals

Strategic Planning — We help resolve our clients' critical challenges, and develop overall direction and concrete action plans. Click for more.

  • Strategic planning workshops for the governing board and senior management team, to develop long term direction, goals and objectives
  • Development of strategies to achieve public support for significant actions such as rate changes, major facilities projects, and public votes
  • Facilitation and crisis management to address and resolve extraordinary challenges